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Ex academic librarian, now working at Website Office, at University of Teramo (UniTE or UniTeramo). Interested in: UX, CoP-E, E-learning, LODLAM, Wikimedia projects, Cultural heritages, Open Science and Scholarly Communication. Some personal info are on LinkedIn or other social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). From the beginning of 2017 I am the regional coordinator of Wikimedia italia (Abruzzo) for 1 year (to be confirmed in June 2017).

Interest in LODLAM

In my University we are working on EU projects (to re-present) about Cultural Heritages digital platform. I would like to propose to my University board an educational involvment with local LAM Institutions for activities to do together with Wikimedia




Academic Library, Website, E-learning


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Colombati, C., Giusti, E. (2016). Il percorso professionale e la carriera del bibliotecario digitale. Biblioteche oggi, 34, 32-38. doi:10.3302/0392-8586-201603-032-1.

Colombati, C. (2016, January). User Experience in the Italian Academic Libraries context: may we start? Paper presented at Bobcatsss 2016, Lyon, FR.


University of Teramo