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Ben Hyman is the Managing Director of the BC Libraries Cooperative. Under the auspices of the Cooperative, the Sitka consortia – powered by the Evergreen open ILS – thrives. Sitka was the second production instance of Evergreen in the world when it began in December 2007. By the end of 2012, over 75% of British Columbia’s public libraries will be Sitka members, as well as a handful of post-secondary, special and extra-jurisdictional libraries. Before joining the Cooperative, Ben worked for several years with the Provincial Government on files relating to library policy, legislation, technology and funding. He has held positions in public, post secondary and government libraries in Western Canada.

Interest in LODLAM

I'm particularly interested in attending the Summit to collaborate on consortial scale linked open data solutions and approaches. A particular challenge with respect to layering open data on top of licensed data within consortial systems or aggregators becomes authentication mechanisms.I am interested in exploring new approaches to these, as well as many other policy and programmatic challenges.


Library, Consortia and Networks, Other NGO or Non-Profit

Linked Open Data Projects ; Sitka boasts the largest shared ILS in Western Canada, with 65 member institutions. We are working to aggregate available government and library open data sets both in the Evergreen native PAC and / or in a standalone repository.

Hosted, sponsored and organized an open data summit: focussed on open data learning and leadership, partnerships, best practices and examples.

With respect to policy, both as the Cooperative's Managing Director and when I was "Manager of Library Policy & Technology" for 7 years with the BC Ministry of Education – issues of licensing, copyright and standards/access are of acute interest.


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