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Andrea Huang is a Project Manager ( Research) of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.

Interest in LODLAM

1. The role of LOD for libraries, archives, and museums in Open Science
2. The possible mashup from linking open datasets of libraries, archives, and museums and others.
3. Vocabularies and ontologies for libraries, archives, and museums:
• Is there any possibility that members of LODLAM build an upper and simple ontology or vocabulary together for libraries, archives, and museums?
• A collaborative vocabulary/ontology receives consensus between domain users before the vocabulary/ontology to be used. This will save a lot of troubles in ontology mapping/alignment task that vocabulary/ontology developed individually.
• If yes, how are we going to do it?




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She is currently working on the issue of LOD, Open Science and Semantic Web. An integration of data, people and machine @ .


Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica