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Amanda Lawrence


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Amanda Lawrence is Research and Strategy Manager for the Grey Literature Strategies research project ( and the Australian Policy Online ( open access research database, based at Swinburne University of Technology. Prior to this position she was Managing Editor of Policy Online from 2006




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Linked Open Data Projects

In 2013 Policy Online was awarded an ARC LIEF grant to develop Linked Data capabilities. What this has meant in practice has been implementing the OCLC FAST subject headings and geographic terms so that our system is more interoperable and enabling us to bring in content from the Informit journal database. We are now looking to go to the next stage with a text mining project underway and plans to develop more place-based metadata and an API.

I have also been researching issues around digital publishing for the last year with a particular focus on public policy related resources (grey literature). I have produced a paper recently on the policy and collection issues that need to be addressed in this area.


Policy Online, Swinburne University of Technology