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I am a programmer / sysadmin at Amherst College, where, in addition to LOD projects, I am particularly interested in cloud computing, search, data visualization and web scale architectures. I am a committer and a project manager on an Apache cloud-computing project (virtual computing lab: http://vcl.apache.org).

Interest in LODLAM

The three issues I am particularly interested in at present include:

data reconciliation (i.e. cleaning up and/or assigning URIs to existing metadata)

data enhancement (i.e. finding/discovering entity and entity relationships in otherwise unstructured text) and

methods of making data available (i.e. in addition to a simple Sparql endpoint)




Library, Archive, Academic

Linked Open Data Projects

I have been the chief architect and implementer of the digital asset management system now in use on our campus: https://acdc.amherst.edu. The system is built on top of Fedora, Solr and various other systems. I am in the process of reconciling all of the entity data (people and locations) with the Library of Congress authority records and the Geonames dataset. I am making heavy use of Semantic web technologies, including Jena (http://jena.apache.org) and Stanbol (http://stanbol.apache.org) in addition to a variety of programming languages and messaging frameworks to tie everything together (Python, node.js, XSLT, Camel, etc)


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