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I have been a Librarian with LINC Tasmania since 2006 and with the Tasmanian Information and Research Service since 2011. The Tasmanian Information and Research Service is the unit within LINC Tasmania that provides access to the collections of the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office and the reference collections of the State Library of Tasmania.

A major part of my work is a curatorial role making our collection readily available through various platforms including Flickr Commons ( )

and YouTube (

As part of this role I also create films using programs such as Camtasia for a variety of different purposes. These include training films such as this one for our Tasmanian Names Index:
Films showing some of our archival processes including this one that shows how we convert a glass plate into a digital image:

An area we are moving in to is the creation of mashups of original archival items such as films and images with contemporary audio files. An example of this is the following film that has staff members reading letters about the 1967 bushfires while images from our collection about this event display in a slideshow.

We are also adding authoritative commentary to some of our films to create a new product. An example here is the Expeditionary Force (1914) film with added commentary from Major Chris Talbot from the Australian Army Museum Tasmania recorded on the 18th of December 2014.

The next stage of this project will be the collection of oral histories from a variety of people and combining them with images and films from our collections.

Previous to 2011 I worked across wide range roles within the library world, including work in public libraries, systems areas and general research.




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Linked Open Data Projects

LINC Tasmania is in a unique position to contribute to Linked Open Data Projects. We are unusual in that we are a combined service which has oversight of both the archives and the heritage and reference libraries collections of Tasmania. Our records are heavily used not just by people in our own state, but across Australia and throughout the world. Our World Heritage listed convict records are a comprehensive account of the forced migration of over 73, 000 people from across the world to our shores. Their ancestors have scattered widely and are still tracing their roots back to us today.

Our senior management team have encouraged Brad Finn and I to apply for this conference together as we work in two complementary areas, my curatorial work feed into Brad’s systems work and vice versa.

We are in a unique position to become involved in LODLAM projects not just because of our collections but because we also have the resources and the will to make it happen. We have over 50 000 images available online through our catalogue, as well as 100s of thousands of other digitised records. Our names index has over 850 000 names indexed alone, all leading to at least one or more digitised records. The Names Index is currently used by people from 77 different countries across the globe, it has had over 2.3 million pages viewed over the last six months. Our archives database provides access to over 3 million items and is constantly growing.

We have our own Systems and Development team who are ready to support LODLAM data projects as they emerge.


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