1. MacKenzie Smith

    Proposed: a 4-star classification-scheme for linked open cultural metadata

    One of the outcomes of last week’s LOD-LAM Summit was a draft document proposing a new way to assess the openness/usefulness of linked data for the LAM community. This is a work in progress, but is already provoking interesting debate on our options as we try to create a shared strategy. Here’s what the document looks like today, and we welcome your comments, questions and feedback as we work towards version 1.0. ******************************************************************* DRAFT A 4 star classification-scheme for linked open cultural metadata Publishing openly licensed data on the Web and contributing to the Linked Open Data ecosystem can have a number of benefits for libraries, archives and museums. Driving users to your online content (e.g., by improved search engine optimization); Enabling new scholarship that can only be done with open data; Allowing the creation of new services for discovery; Stimulating collaboration in the library, archives and museums world and beyond. In order to achieve these benefits libraries, museums and archives are faced with decisions about releasing their metadata under various open terms. To be open and useful as linked data requires deliberate design choices and systems must be built from the beginning with openness and utility in mind. To...