1. Jon Voss

    LODLAM Videos & Presentations

    There have been a few requests lately for LODLAM presentations, so I wanted to consolidate some of the resources people have pointed out over on the listserv. This is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to add more in the comments! Recent Video: I gave this presentation at the Smithsonian Institution as part of LODLAM-DC. It’s a general intro to the concepts, and we did it specifically to add to our forthcoming Summit proceedings toolbox. The slides are available there too, feel free to use. The FreeYourMetadata.org crew just released a video as well as a series of screencasts which is targeted at librarians and metadata managers to provide some easy ways to start exploring publishing metadata as Linked Data. Presentations: Here’s one hot off the press, Dublin Core 2011 Keynote Presentation: Towards Linked Data for Libraries, Archives & Museums. Of course, a lot of people are using Slideshare to host their presentations, and if you’re doing so, please use the lodlam tag to describe your presentation, just like the #lodlam hashtag for Twitter. Just by doing a quick search for lodlam, you’ll see a good number show up. You’ll pick up a few more if you search...
  2. Jon Voss

    LODLAM on the Radio

    Mia Ridge was featured on the September 27 Outriders radio show, “BBC Radio 5 live’s programme dedicated to exploring the frontiers of the web.” In addition to giving a rundown on what Linked Open Data in libraries, archives, and museums entails, she was also able to promote the upcoming LODLAM-London meetup with Open Knowledge Foundation, and the Metadata Licensing Clinic. You can download the podcast or stream it here, just look for the 27 September show, “Linked to Relaxation.”
  3. Jon Voss

    Free Your Metadata/Google Refine

    I just found out about the fabulous Free Your Metadata project this week, and am very excited to see these kinds of actionable workshops popping up around the world–and big ups to these guys for developing screencasts that show how people can use free and open source tools to create Linked Data from library, archive and museum metadata now! Seb Chan posted an interview with Seth van Hooland with the catchy title: Things clever people do with your data #65535: Introducing ‘Free Your Metadata’ which is well worth a read.
  4. Jon Voss

    Intro to LODLAM talk: Live from the Smithsonian

    The Smithsonian Institution hosted a day of LODLAM on September 16, 2011, including the presentation, An Introduction to Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives & Museums. The talk was webcast live and archived thanks to the generous support of the Smithsonian CTO Series. I’d also like to thank Effie Kapsalis for her amazing organizing efforts around the events, the many staff at the Smithsonian who helped make this a reality, and a great group of participants. Below are the slides. Both the video presentation and the slides are available as CC BY for you to use as you see fit. Intro to Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives & Museums. View more presentations from Jon Voss
  5. Jon Voss


    I’m very excited to announce LODLAM-NZ, Thursday Dec. 1, in Wellington, NZ. This event is being hosted by DigitalNZ, with the support of this year’s New Zealand National Digital Forum.  I’ll be there, together with several other delegates from various global LODLAM meetings and we’re very excited to continue expanding the conversations that are happening around the world, and learn from the many amazing initiatives coming out of New Zealand. From the registration site (register now, only 50 total spots available!), thanks to Andy Neale: LODLAM is an initiative that explores Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, Museums (LODLAM) and the cultural sector in general. This LODLAM-NZ event builds upon the findings and sessions of the International LODLAM Summit in San Francisco, held earlier in the year. It is an event that is suitable for both practitioners, and people interested in learning more. We are also excited to announce that Jon Voss, who organised the first LODLAM event in San Francisco, is planning to attend with other founding participants. This event is free, but spaces are limited to 50 particpants, so please register your interest. LODLAM-NZ is being hosted by DigitalNZ, and is being held the day after this year’s National Digital Forum with...
  6. Jon Voss


    From the fabulous Mia Ridge, who is organizing this event, hosted by Open Knowledge Foundation: Open data in cultural heritage (LODLAM-London) 6 Oct. 2011. Register now: http://lodlamlon11.eventbrite.com/ What? A meetup for people interested in the applications of linked and open data for cultural heritage. Building on earlier ‘linking museums‘ and London #OpenData (#opendataLDN) meetups, this event is an opportunity to think more widely about Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives and Museums (LODLAM) and bring together a wider community of people interested in open data. It will focus on the success stories for open data in cultural heritage (with a nod to the barriers to publishing usable open data). We’ll have some interesting speakers with short talks on their work with open data in cultural heritage, including Paul Rowe, Joint CEO at Vernon Systems in New Zealand, and potentially Leif Isaksen, who could share his experiences with the Google Ancient Places (GAP) and PELAGIOS projects. We’ll also have small discussion sessions to think creatively about how we can overcome the barriers. We want to gather together success stories for open data projects, and address the issues that limit the publication of open data in cultural institutions. Who? You! If you’re...
  7. Jon Voss


    I’m excited to announce the first of a series of LODLAM meetups that will be taking place around the world, starting with LODLAM-DC on September 16. This event is hosted by the Smithsonian Institution, and supported in part by the Sloan Foundation and the National Endowment of the Humanities as part of the dissemination strategy for the LODLAM Summit.  Huge thanks to Effie Kapsalis, Suzanne Pilsk, Martin Kalfatovic and the Smithsonian team for bringing this together! The format we’ve chosen for DC is an Introduction to LODLAM presentation from 10:30-noon, which will consist of about a 45 minute talk followed by Q&A and discussion. I first gave this presentation with NYPL Labs in New York, and we found this is a great way to bring together the local library, archive & museum community to learn about Linked Open Data, ask questions, and share knowledge. It will also be webcast thanks to the generous support of the Smithsonian CTO Series. We’ll post the webcast info closer to the event. Then after lunch, we’ll have an Open Space format working meeting from 1-5pm to break down into sessions around action areas from the LODLAM Summit, as well as any other sessions or...
  8. Jon Voss

    LODLAM Reading Lists

    We’ve got a wide variety of participants coming to the LOD-LAM Summit, so suggesting a reading list is kind of tough. Keep in mind that participants range from technology staff, policy makers, developers, librarians, digital humanists, hackers and everywhere in between. I’m going to throw out some of my favorite books and articles, but please add more in the comments as this is by no means exhaustive. And if a lot of these names look familiar, it’s because you’ve seen them on the participant list for the Summit. LODLAM Guides Open Bibliographic Data Guide. This guide from JISC focuses more on open rather than linked data, but it’s a critical first step toward Linked Open Data. Linked Data primers (books) Programming the Semantic Web, Toby Segaran, Colin Evans, & Jamie Taylor. 2009. Great primer on graphs and plenty of example code. Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space, Tom Heath and Christian Bizer. 2011. This is a great book, recently released, that provides a concise and in depth exploration into Linked Data, from conceptual overview to recipes for publishing data. Licensing and Copyright Rights and Licensing from JISC Open Bibliographic Data Guide. Recommendations for publishing Open Data...