1. Eleanor Whitworth


    The 2nd LODLAM Melbourne workshop, held 31st July, focused on place-names and ANZAC data. Around 20 participants attended from memory organisations, tertiary institutions and government departments. It was great to have solid presence from the HuNI team, as their plenary session was held in Melbourne the day before. Various projects, possibilities and issues were discussed and the group agreed to share information on data subsets and investigate opportunities to share it – either as open data, or linked open data. A full write-up is here. Our biscuits may have been fresher, but they were far less topical than this one:
  2. Eleanor Whitworth

    Melbourne LOD-LAM gets serious

    Well, that’s perhaps an overstatement, but we are pursuing the ‘practical and pragmatic applications’ approach and running two follow-up sessions to our April event: Tuesday 31st July Venue: TBC 1.30 – 3.00pm – Place names 3.30 – 5.00pm – ANZAC material People already working with linked data in each area will be present, and the sessions will canvas opportunities to work together – with regards to linked-open-data proper and linked data more generally. It will be relevant for both technical and programming staff. RSVP: 16th July : Eleanor Whitworth, Senior Arts Officer/Content Curator, Culture Victoria (Monday – Wednesday) email: eleanor[dot]whitworth[at]dpc[dot]vic[dot]gov[dot]au or @elewhitworth
  3. Eleanor Whitworth

    Melbourne LODLAM event

    On April 17th apx 35 people from a range of sectors, including memory organisations, tertiary institutions and government departments gathered at the Melbourne Museum. It was a lively session and in keeping with the focus on “practical and pragmatic applications and opportunities for sectors to work together” concluded with agreement to continue discussions, working on two LODLAM projects: Victorian place names and World War 1. Lightning talks by Mia Ridge, Peter Neish (Victorian parliamentary Library), Conal Tuohy (HuNI), Helen Morgan (eResearch, University of Melbourne) and Adam Bell (Australian War Memorial) got the ball rolling. A spontaneous Melbourne-San Francisco-Skype-in with Jon Voss and Simon Sherrin started the general discussion. A detailed write-up from notes taken by myself and Ely Wallis is now up at Culture Victoria. Big thanks go to Mia Ridge, Ely Wallis and Ingrid Mason for their insights and planning for what will continue to be an active space…  With, we anticipate, more muffins…