1. Antoine Isaac

    What is Europeana doing with semantic web and linked open data?

    We’ve received this question several times. Especially since we’ve been claiming for a while that linked data was important for us, for example in this whitepaper, and have tried to encourage its promotion in our domain, for example by this video… The coming LODLAM summit provides a good reason to blog about it. Perhaps this can help discuss, understand and guide how organisations like ours can use it… First, of course, we’ve played with a “real” Linked Open Data service, data.europeana.eu. But it’s still in pilot phase, not yet strictly aligned with our production system. That will happen in the coming months. However, what I want here is to discuss to other features, which are in the production service, but more hidden, and that show that there’s more in the LOD vision that applying an entire technical stack at once, as often presented in the books. The foundation for adopting the LOD vision at Europeana is in fact quite deep: a new data model, EDM. As opposed to what Europeana had been based before (plain flat records) the new model encourages providers to send richer, networked metadata. An good thing is that even before the model was implemented, it had...