Linked Open Data in Art

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On behalf of Eleanor Fink, I’m passing on some links to presentations at a recent meeting at the Smithsonian on Linked Open Data across art museums, and some amazing work being done on that front. Eleanor, as well as some of the folks highlighted here, will be at the LODLAM Summit in Montreal, and are also on this listserv if you have any questions.

Thanks, Jon

Begin forwarded message:

Introduction from Eleanor Fink:
Art Clouds 712FX1X

SAAM, Rachel Allen and Georgina Goodlander

University of Southern California, ISI presentations from Craig and Pedro

Research Space from Dominic Oldman

Europeana slides from Antoine Isaac:

Yale Center for British Art, Lec Maj
YCBA technology page
The SlideShare:

Getty, Dr. Patricia Harpring

Smithsonian Institution Research, Thornton Staples

Smithsonian Libraries, Joel Richard