Pop-Up LODLAM at THATCamp Brisvegas

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Pop-ups are for LODLAM events and not only for café, shops, restaurants or exhibitions!

A pop-up LODLAM will happen at the THATCamp in Brisbane on Saturday 25th August 2012.

For more details see the THATCamp Brisbane website and make sure if you’re keen to be part of the LODLAM pop-up, ideally you register. The good bit about registering is you also get lunch catered for.


The THATCamp Brisbane organisers invite digital arts and humanities researchers and professionals in the GLAM sector to join in and participate in the unconference. The pop-up LODLAM at the THATCamp follows on from the two LODLAM events run in Melbourne with the support of Eleanor Whitworth (Culture Victoria) and Ely Wallis (Museum Victoria).

At both Melbourne LODLAM events, Conal Tuohy has attended to talk about linked open data, and more recently how linked open data might work on the “HuNI” (Humanities Networked Infrastructure) virtual laboratory project, funded by NeCTAR in Australia.

The HuNI project website is in the process of being filled and the Trac/wiki working site is up, called Apidictor which may be interesting to follow if people want to see a humanities linked open data project in action.

Conal Tuohy will be at the THATCamp Brisbane, and leading the pop-up LODLAM. Another linked open data enthusiast is Anna Gerber, and she’s one of the THATCamp Brisbane organisers.

So all that’s needed is participants!

People that want to know more about linked open data and an interest in how linked open data could be a useful means of conveying and connecting research and collection data across scholarly, galleries, libraries, archives and museums domains for online search – this is a great chance to ask questions and share information or ideas.

Registration for THATCamp Brisbane website means you can be part of the LODLAM pop-up Conal is leading as part of the THATCamp Brisbane unconference.

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