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There have been a few requests lately for LODLAM presentations, so I wanted to consolidate some of the resources people have pointed out over on the listserv. This is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to add more in the comments!

Recent Video:

I gave this presentation at the Smithsonian Institution as part of LODLAM-DC. It’s a general intro to the concepts, and we did it specifically to add to our forthcoming Summit proceedings toolbox. The slides are available there too, feel free to use.

The FreeYourMetadata.org crew just released a video as well as a series of screencasts which is targeted at librarians and metadata managers to provide some easy ways to start exploring publishing metadata as Linked Data.


Here’s one hot off the press, Dublin Core 2011 Keynote Presentation: Towards Linked Data for Libraries, Archives & Museums.

Of course, a lot of people are using Slideshare to host their presentations, and if you’re doing so, please use the lodlam tag to describe your presentation, just like the #lodlam hashtag for Twitter. Just by doing a quick search for lodlam, you’ll see a good number show up. You’ll pick up a few more if you search for lod-lam (I so regret ever using that hyphen!).

Finally, Jodi Schneider pointed out this fantastic resource of presentations spanning several years, from the W3C LLD incubator.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your presentations and pointing out the ones you’re seeing out in the wild!

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