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Breakout board from LODLAM Summit San Francisco, June 2. courtesy Martin Kalfatovic

I’m very excited to announce LODLAM-NZ, Thursday Dec. 1, in Wellington, NZ.

This event is being hosted by DigitalNZ, with the support of this year’s New Zealand National Digital Forum.  I’ll be there, together with several other delegates from various global LODLAM meetings and we’re very excited to continue expanding the conversations that are happening around the world, and learn from the many amazing initiatives coming out of New Zealand.

From the registration site (register now, only 50 total spots available!), thanks to Andy Neale:

LODLAM is an initiative that explores Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, Museums (LODLAM) and the cultural sector in general. This LODLAM-NZ event builds upon the findings and sessions of the International LODLAM Summit in San Francisco, held earlier in the year. It is an event that is suitable for both practitioners, and people interested in learning more.

We are also excited to announce that Jon Voss, who organised the first LODLAM event in San Francisco, is planning to attend with other founding participants.

This event is free, but spaces are limited to 50 particpants, so please register your interest. LODLAM-NZ is being hosted by DigitalNZ, and is being held the day after this year’s National Digital Forum with their support.

What is happening on the day?

This one day working meeting will kick off with an introduction on open linked data by Jon Voss.

Sessions will then move to a barcamp style, created by participants, including local and international leaders in the field. The types of sessions might include: clinic on open data licensing; tools for publishing and utilising linked open data; vocabularies; exploring use cases; tools for encouraging in your organisations.

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