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Luke Dearnly lays down plan of action at close of LODLAM Summit SF June 3.

I’m excited to announce the first of a series of LODLAM meetups that will be taking place around the world, starting with LODLAM-DC on September 16. This event is hosted by the Smithsonian Institution, and supported in part by the Sloan Foundation and the National Endowment of the Humanities as part of the dissemination strategy for the LODLAM Summit.  Huge thanks to Effie Kapsalis, Suzanne Pilsk, Martin Kalfatovic and the Smithsonian team for bringing this together!

The format we’ve chosen for DC is an Introduction to LODLAM presentation from 10:30-noon, which will consist of about a 45 minute talk followed by Q&A and discussion. I first gave this presentation with NYPL Labs in New York, and we found this is a great way to bring together the local library, archive & museum community to learn about Linked Open Data, ask questions, and share knowledge. It will also be webcast thanks to the generous support of the Smithsonian CTO Series. We’ll post the webcast info closer to the event.

Then after lunch, we’ll have an Open Space format working meeting from 1-5pm to break down into sessions around action areas from the LODLAM Summit, as well as any other sessions or workshops people want to propose. We’ve planned for room for 30, so please register right away if you plan to attend so we can see if it’s possible to get more space if we need it.

Register for An Introduction to Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, & Museums in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite Register for LODLAM-DC in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite


  1. Simon Spero

    September 12, 2011

    Jon Voss suggests that we suggest topics in the comments section here.

    I’m going to start by suggesting talking about how to handle representations of compound, composite, and subdivided subject headings in a linked data world.

    This came up at the London lld workshop (owen did a lightening talk on one approach, which I think misses some of the semantics).

    Marc-to-lld is a big topic, but some breakouts on some areas could focus future work.

    MARCage Delenda Est!

    Let Operation Postmarc begin!

  2. Simon Spero

    September 14, 2011

    One other obvious topic that needs to talked about, if not for long, is the MARC21 RDF proposal.

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